Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I've switched

I've switched to a new blog called coming back from interferon. Its on my main profile.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Its a good morning

I've woken up with better strength. And I've woken early today. I did 10 jumping jacks. So strange that I'm gaining strength so quickly. There is one supplement I'm had begun to take called CoEnzyme Q10. I had some in the house and I felt it would be good. I looked it up in my "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" book, which I love, and it was in the top of essential nutrients for fibromyalgia. I looked it up at the Mayo Clinic website and also shown it to be good for many things. Also again noticed fibromyalgia can be caused by a virus. Hep-c is possible connection. Its also good for the heart and strengthening. I'll carry on with this routine and see if this improvement continues.
I've also been asking in my prayers for help. Also praying for others I know that are suffering effects from hep-c.

Five jumping jacks ....oh yah

I began to drink kava tea at bed time last Saturday to help me sleep. My son's Tongan friends were having fai kava for a funeral and I remembered how kava helps ease pain in muscles. The kava drink made from kava root is safe. The kava kava pills sold at health food stores have been banned in places in Europe becaus of a bad batch.
I was in so much pain all over I asked my son to bring me a cup. Then a second cup to my room as I was needing sleep. It worked very quickly. This went on for two more nights. So I have had a consistent amount of sleep. Now the pain is less. I wanted to find out what I have. Could be some RA but as I looked on-line it looks like it maybe fibromyalgia. They don't know what causes it but as they listed the possible causes, I noticed one was a viral infection. Interesting since many of my post tx friends have this kind of pain.
As I talked to my son today, he just suggested go back to the basics. Eat well, rest a lot, mild to moderate exercise. On Friday I also began to get serious with supplements that I heard would help post tx. I'm taking them like clockwork and recording it. One very important one is V E and omega oils.i'm also taking Co Q10. And other things I'll list later. All this must be helping. I did five jumping jacks on the ground today. I've been doing some on the trampoline. Easier on the tramp.So those five on ground made me very happy. It might not sound like much but it was to me. I showed myself that I am getting better. I might not feel like I am. But I proved to myself I am. Who would think such a thing as doing five jumping jacks would make me tear up with joy. Another tender mercy of God helping me through this.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Called Pegasys Nurse today

I called about this pain post tx....(and why am I surprised?)......the nurse said there are not post tx side effects. She did say the riba could be in me for 6 months. She acted surprised that I was having pain. I guess all my other tx friends shouldn't have pain either. The only thing she ask was are you drinking enough water? But she asked me all kinds of questions like I'll be on a Pegasys watch list.

I did send my son out last night to buy a bag of kava at the Tongans. I felt like I was asking him to fetch me a bag of weed. I had a cup of the kava juice and slept well.

I'm very disappointed to find out its illegal in most of Europe because of a bad batch of kava pills. I'm sure pet food from China is still legal. And of course cigs and beer. Kava drinking has been done for centuries for the Polynesians. There have not been any problems untill the kava pills were made. I wonder if its ok to order the kava and have it mailed to the uk. I did see a web site offering kava to mailed to the UK. Its from fiji.

I feel like I'm normalizing some now. I'm tired....but I had not slept much for a couple of weeks so it feels good to be tired.

A friend (a older gentleman) told me I needed to get a 8-5 job. Yes ok, but I'm not ready. I would like him to walk a mile in my shoes before making that judgment. But like the saying goes....its not my business what others think of me. Let it go. So I'll just say thanks for the advice but no thanks. I know what I'm doing.


I did get some sleep the last couple of nights from a kava drink made by Tongans. My son has a Tongan friend and he is like my son also. Once a Tongan friend that is a friend for life. It was the only thing to give me relief from my pain. Thank you Tongan friends. You can google it to find out about it. The pill form can be dangerous to the liver as leaves and tops of the kava plant may be accidentally added. But preparing the kava root into a drink is perfectly safe.

It is a plant used for ceremonies on the Islands. It relaxes the muscles but your mind stays clear. You feel very social but mellow when you drink it.

I had the pill form prescribed once fron my doctor years ago for stress.

I'm so thankful this helps my pain. I feel it working now and will go to sleep. The effects are short so I hope to sleep through the night.

Goodnite friends

xxx Humble

Dear Ross (Post I almost wrote to Ross

hi Ross,

I need you're opinion too please. I'm in so much pain also.
right now I can't get any test for RA. My ins. has a waiver on my policy
because of back surgery 24 years ago....when I think I got hep-c, but that is a unknown also.My insurence will not pay for anything bone related....its so stupid. stupid, stupid. And yes, it makes no sense.\

They have a way of confusing you so I never know for sure. So I wrote them a letter telling them its time to remove the waiver. I haven't seen a doctor for my back for years. hopefully I'll get them to remove it, so I can have complete coverage.

So I can't go find out that I have or don't have RA officially. But I have a feeling I don't.
I sound like a poor soul here but I have pain all over from my little toe to my fingers.
I looked back on my blog and saw that the first part of post tx was sleeping ,tired, headaches
Then I went through a hyper stage, doing a lot, reconnecting with friends, lots of stimulus, excitement
Then I stopped sleeping at night, too much excitement , then came the pain.six weeks after last ribas.
Its either fibromyalgia .....since lack of sleep can trigger this (I'm almost convinced this can be hep-c related or arthitius (but I don't think RA can hurt so bad)
I can't even stay in the bath long...I feel like I want to jump out of my skin.
Sorry to wine......I hardly complained on tx....funny how this bothers me. On tx I knew what that was and we all had most of the same sides. This is a unknown and I'm one of those that wants to understand everything.
Like one of those kids that said why is the sky blue.....ha ha
Also would be nice to help the others that are having the same post tx pain. I saw your post that 20 percent get arthitus from tx. Maybe my insurence will cover it if caused from tx. I certainly never felt like this before tx.

In the meantime I'm beginning a detailed journal of what I eat and pills I take. Could foods triger this. I'll find out.

Funny if I went through all this trouble and it went away be itself....just a detox process. : )

Thanks Ross

Monday, September 29, 2008

trial and error

I'm experiencing much pain from post tx. Sat. night I had a cup of kava drink and it took away the pain for a couple of hours. I had another cup of it later and I feel asleep. First time I sleep for any length of time for awhile. It was wonderful.
I made some again last night and it was stronger so only needed a couple of sips. I was able to do that and have a hot bath, and I slept again. Again, a tender mercy.
when I wake I feel the pain all over once again. Today I had visiting teaching to do. I took a sip of the kava juice and left the house. Once again its helping the pain.
I know kava kava ,the supplement was thought to show liver damage. The FDA has not confirmed that. And I'm not using the processed pill form but the natural kava root that I personally make into a tea. I'm quite sure its better then tylonal which definitely causes liver damage.
I have an appointment with my friends daughter who just got her massage therapist degree. She'll be coming Thursday to give me a massage. I'm quite certain this will help the pain. There are others on the forum that also suffer from after tx pain. If I can find something to help me, it may also help them.
So far I can recommend kava drink if they can find a Tongan to buy some kava root from.

Other sides have disappeared. Just the stiffness and pain remands. There is an occational headache that comes at time. But much less then it was.