Thursday, February 28, 2008

2 days later

I feel great today. Only had a back ache and had to lay down a couple of times for relief. Last week I was worse after my third day. Maybe it will be like that again. Tonight I was so excited because my son came home for the weekend from college. It was great to see him and talk to him. I felt so talkative. Its the riba pills doing that to me. I'm in bed now hoping to settle down and sleep. I took a melatonin along with some sleepytime tea. Oh....theres the yawn. Good. Goodnite

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feb shot #2

I did the shot myself last night. I had a friend in nursing come by and watch me do it. Since the first time in the thigh didn't hurt I did it again in the other thigh. I also took 2 benadryl tabs and 1 tylonel like I did the first time about 1 hour before the shot. It all went well till I took the needle out and i was bleeding quit a lot. It stopped quickly as I used my achoal wipe to clean it. I was scared I hit something. When I called the doctors earlier, the nurse told me I didn't have to pull back to check for blood so I didn't. I was concerned and called the Pegasys hotline. The nurse there called me back within 15 minutes. She said no worries, that that was common. I went to sleep and woke up feeling great.
I wonder when I'm going to have some bad days.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feb first week

I got the shot Tuesday night and its Thursday. Still doing well. I get headache now and them bit I manage it with Tylenol. Also manage any stomach upset by eating ginger syrup on yogurt. So I eat that all through the day. I feel like I can eat anything after doing this. I'm still careful just to prevent problems. I usually eat lots of Mexican food.... spicy. But now I'm staying away from that. I've only eaten toast and oatmeal. I still have a sweet tooth and eat candy now and then. I slept well both nights taking a mild sleeping pill and a melatonin. I have been reading a lot about Hep-c. I had suffered a long time with it. I didn't know about all that Hep-c was causing. I have suffered much with headaches and joint and muscle pain. Kind of sad. Just happy I'm on the right path now to get rid of this virus.

Last night (Friday) I went to a ward (Church) activity. It was for the adults so mostly couples. We had pizza and then did games. It was like a silly talent show. We were on teams sitting at tables we ate at. For example one talent was who could whistle best. So we sent the best one from our table. After someone from each team went to whistle then the three judges decided. One being the Bishop. It was quite funny. Another was the best joke teller and had to tell a joke. I was having a great time. At one point they had a unicycle and I thought not every table would have someone to ride it. I got this irritated feeling and told my friend I came with. I need to go now. And we left. She joked how she wants to take me everywhere with her with my new intolerant personality so she has excuses to leave. I think she was tired just wanted to go home like me. This is the first time I noticed a change in my personality, as normally I would stay the whole time.

As far as other sides, I expected some last night since its almost been 80 hours since the shot. Yes I did have them. I woke up early hot and sweating. I took my ribas and I 'm writing here. I think I'm going to sleep for another hour. Didn't sleep so well last night and no obligations today.

Sunday. Had a terrible night. My back began to hurt yesterday. I did some lifting and changing funiture around. Had fun buying somethings at Goodwill. I also jumped on the tramp but not for long. I knew my back was hurting so took it easy. As the night went the pain was going down my back, hips, and legs. I am used to back pain but that was bad. I took lots of pills and slept. Woke in the night and did it again. Had to take a tylonal which I'm trying not to take. (By the way, that is how I got Hep-c in the first place. My back and back surgury in 1984: I had to get blood and I think it was tainted.)

I did get up at 8:15 and got ready for Church. I managed to go. It was nice to see everyone at Sunday School class. I missed sacrement so when to another wards sacrement which met later in the same building. In Sunday School we learned through the Scriptures how the people in the scriptures when through afflictions just like we do today. It is always encouraging to know how we all feel we feel we fall short but we can all stop and look at all we have and to be gratefull for all we have.

My pain is better and I have learned that I don't want back pain no lifting!! Also leaned to count my blessings.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Did 1st injection

First of all I stayed busy all day. I was preparing for this and doing anything that needed attention for the whole week, just in case I had a poor reaction. I first took a Tylenol and benadryl at 2000 or 8 pm. An hour later I was very lucky to have my friend who is a nurse come over to help me with the shot. Actually I just let her do it. I'm sure I can get it myself on week two. This happened at 9 at night or 2100. About 3 hours I feel a little queasy to my stomach so I drank some sleepytime tea with some ginger syrup in it.
I'm in bed now and its after midnight. I have taken a sleeping pill so hopefully I'll sleep well. I'm not feeling too badly yet or may not feel that bad period.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Countdown till starting

I am getting organized to start TX. I'm finally ready for this. I have everything for any side effect. Hopefully I'm prepared for anything.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I have Hep-C and will start my treatment on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to doing it. I have put it off for many years due to my first liver biopsy turning out a perfectly normal liver. Unfortunately my last biopsy had changed and now I'm a 2/2. I'm genotype 2b so that is a blessing and I feel graditude for that. I will be on Pegaseys for this tx. I will write more later.