Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A new day


My usual way is on the good all I can. Today I'm feeling like a new person. Feeling great. I want to see what happens if I rest most of the day. I'll not overdue it like usual. Maybe I can make it through tx feeling good. As I looked back on my posts I noticed I am having good days and going about them as if I'm normal. Then the bad days are much worst. This will be an experiment on how I can have all good days on tx. Might not be possible but I'm going to try.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shot #19

Strange. This is like the weather in Texas. Just wait and it will change. I had this migraine all day. Looks like it may have been sinus. I took a benadryl and about two hours later my headache is almost gone. I'm sure I'm scaring lots of people about tx lately. Don't be afraid. Everything happens for a reason. I really believe that. We learn from the difficult trials. We don't learn if we traveled a road paved and well maintained. We learn from the obstacles in our path. We have to try to reach our goals. Tx is a goal. My son reminded me about the man in a prison camp. He built a house in his head one brick at a time. So tx is like that. We can do this one brick at a time.

horrible head and neck pain

I've had a migraine headache for two days. I have ice on my neck and head right now. It really does help.But I can't leave my bed. I went outside to tell the lawn guys something. The sun almost blinded me. Am I getting all the side effects at the end? Seems that way. Too sick to pray for myself. My son came in last night and said a nice prayer for me. My sinus's is full of mucus, my mouth is quite dry. I did take some Vit C thinking I could have caught something. I heard once that this is when others get the chance to serve us. I think its come to that now. Accepting service from a way letting them be blessed by helping me. I'm stubborn so this is a low point for me to ask for help.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Much better

This tx is like a roller coaster ride. This morning my stomach felt quesie. I didn't want to go to Church. Finally I got up and started getting ready. I put on eye liner and a little more makeup. I wore a new dress that I didn't have a undershirt for. I decided to were a pink one since my dress was brown and cream. I wore my brown ballet flats. I tried on high heals but my back hurts too much. I think after treatment it will be better. I drank some cranberry juice. I did feel better just to look nice and get out. I went to the Spanish speaking ward for sacrament. I missed ours at 8:30 this morning. Afterwards I went to our English Sunday School class. It was so good. The people in it are so wise. They have had lots of trials and are all amazing to me. The lady I sat by told me I looked beautiful. Wow that has made my week. So a little work pays off.
We did learn about humility. By our hearts being softened we can hear the word of God. When we have pride that is a stumbling block for our happiness and progression. It seems so simple. So I decided to go home and be grateful for all I have. This humble heart hasn't been humble enough. So I poured out my heart in behalf of my children. Afterward I had an impression to make a phone call. I found the number on line easily. I don't want to tell the details but it was everything I needed and an answer to my prayers. How grateful I am for prayer.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Week of Shot #18

I had a hard week. The drive to Sedona wiped me out. I had to get some things done this weeks so I couldn't stop and rest. Its been so hot. Its 110 degrees (45 c) now. So I'm sure dehydration has played a role in my bad week. Headaches, neck-aches, back aches. It was bad enough to put ice on my neck. I usually don't like icing but being so hot outside it the ice felt great. I think I had some heat stoke. Today I went out to do some errands and all I could do was get the car filled with gas. I found a good deal at 4.03 gallon. So filled up for 65 dollars. I then came home very ill. I didn't leave my bed but to use the bathroom. And that was quite a lot since i was having stomach problems. I'm quite sure it was heat stroke. I just staying in bed drinking apple juice and water. My stomach was so painful that I thought I may need to go to the hospital. But I knew I must have a blockage so rubbed my stomach where it hurt. Took some work. I've been taking codeine which can block you up.
Sorry to be so negative but this is an honest journal of my hep-c tx. Tomorrow is Sat. That is usually a bad day. The day after the shot ( which is on Tuesday night) and Sat. That is when the interferon has a second peak. I'm hoping to get out tomorrow and get things done. I'm going to be more careful and bring water each time I leave the house.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Drive to Sedona for the day

I went to the Temple yesterday. It was a great experience. Its a beautiful placce and I felt like I was in heaven. I had a smile on my face and so happy. But I was alone without someone to share this with. . Being sick on tx brings me to this feeling "I want my family around me." So as I left I became sad. No family to share this moment with. Of course if I wasn't on tx I would be thinking straight. I would have remembered and thought with a eternal perspective, not in the here and now. I would remember all the good memories I have with my family members. But I was just feeling sad. It happens on these meds. So today I decided to drive to Sedona and take flowers to my husbands grave. It was a five hour drive round trip. It was a beautiful drive. I was feeling kinda sick and I thought yes I could be sick in bed or sick and doing something. Decided sick and doing something was better.
When I was almost there. I stopped at a place with potted plants. I asked the man attending which flowers I should take. I told him I was going to my husbands grave for fathers day. He was seemed kinda sad. I thought it was because he knew the flowers would die with out water. He chose the most hearty ones for me. He asked some questions. I told him I havent brought flowers to the grave for twenty years. I've visit the grave many times but no flowers. I told him its time I brought flowers since my husband gave me flowers for every holiday. My husband was sweet. This attendant told me to take the flowers free. He then told me his dad died when he was young. I asked if his mom remarried. He said no but she had a boyfriend. His mom was dead now too. He had bad feelings for the boyfriend.
So I went to Burger King to get take away food for a picnic by the grave. I then found the grave right away. It is such a beautiful place. I'm lucky to be buried there someday. I posted a picture of Sedona. The drive back was beautiful. I could see the sun set in the desert as I came into the valley. If we take time to see, life is beautiful. One of my Church authorities said something like this. "When you are feeling bad about yourself....stop and do something for someone else. Forget yourself in service and you will feel better for doing so." I think I did that today and I feel much better.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shot # 17

I had the shot late which is always best. I took a benedryl, tylonal, and my usual meds to help me sleep. Fell asleep by midnight and up by eight. I called my daughter at her work. Asked if she wanted to eat with me. She needed to do homework during her lunch hour so I got her some food at Neds Crazy Sub (A favorite here in Mesa, Arizona) and brought it back to her. I was short of breath again so went to lay down and answer some emails.
Things I miss
Singing to favorite songs.....
Going out dancing
Swimming everyday in the pool. Its perfect over 100 degree weather for it now.
Taking walks around the Temple gardens. I still do this but can't go for long
Eating at my favorite Mexican restaurant and visiting with friends.

Only seven more weeks to go now.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday movie night

I was in bed for most of the day. Finally I couldn't stand it and got up. Had my delicious Guanana Brazilian drink. I'm so addicted to it. I have to drink some every day. Its a soft drink. Better for you then most soft drinks. Something about it tastes so good.
My son and I then decided to go see Kung Fu Panda at the last moment. Remember he is 24, a college graduate. He now found out he fractured his knee in the pool accident. He looks like a grownup tiny tim from Christmas Carol. He wears his newapaper boy hat and walks with this cane. He hobled out to the car with his cane. We went to the movie. It was full of little kids. The movie was so funny. Love Jack Black as the Panda. I just wish my memory was better so I can repeat some of those movie lines when I'm in the mood. Sad that one of the best summer movies is a Animation. Its also geared to the young adult audience wtih Jack Black as the Panda.
After I got back home I just crawled back into bed. That was disappointing. I needed to get some work done in my office. I'm so glad for my laptop. I've watched lots of shows on it. Now I've seen almost every Heroes and Office. When Heroes is too intense I switch to Office. Sometimes I switch to Arrested Development.

Right now, I'm very frustrated at times. I want to be productive. I just have to be patient. Only 7 more weeks after tomorrow nights injection. The good news is my emotions are good. I'm quite happy even though I'm fatiqued.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


I took the suppliments yesterday and today. Feeling much better. Went to the Temple yesterday. And went to Church today. That is the good news. The bad news is I went to the Doctor on Thursday. I went at 9 so thought I'd get right in. He was not there till 10:30. As i waited I had the nurse make me copys of my tests. I saw one missing so she and I argued about it. It was an important one. My hep levels went down after using this Vitimen C right before I started tx. It went down by a lot. It could be important to help those that can't do treatment. So I think the nurse thought i was being rude but I needed this to help others. The doctor came and didn't do much except listen to my chest. That was fifty dollars. He was nice and helped me calm down after that long wait. That is one thing I loved about the UK is going to my doctor appointment and the doctor seeing my right at the time of the appointment. Also the UK doctor had a computer with all my information on it. None of this old fashion paper. Also people in the Uk email each other. Like patients and nurses. Wow what an invention! I'm sacastic of course.
Actually I have the best family doctor. He discoved I had hep-c. He is smart and very kind. I'm lucky to have him. But I always have to wait for him too. That is just the way they do it here.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008


It was fine last night when I did my shot. I feel bad today. Just out of breath, feeling emotional again. I've been doing so well that Ive been forgetting the supplements.Now I'm feeling the consequence of not being diligent with those. Today my tires looked low. I went to Gunnels Tires. I had a fifteen minute wait so I crossed over to Neds Subs. Its across a large street with 8 lanes. After running I almost passed out. I got to Neds and after a cold drink, I called my son to drive me back across the street to get my car. I could imagine myself laying in the road getting hit by cars. I'm glad he was able to come get me.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

another injury

My son is fine from the car accident. Yesterday he came home from swimming with friends. He hurt his knee by jumping in the pool by the stairs as he was playing pool basketball. So now we are waiting till Monday to see if it gets better. Its too bad he got hurt. I'm getting emails from people happy my son is ok from the accident. Now I need to explain the newest. He isn't accident prone. I guess he is over due.
I'm more tired since my 15th shot. Two days and I'll do number 16. Then only 8 more. Its getting harder to breathe. I'm sure its the tx plus the heat (over 105 degrees)